Sitemap - 2022 - Newcomer

A Look Back at Newcomer's Best Posts in 2022 With the Benefit of Hindsight

Does That Mean the Cat's Dead?

Newcomer Mailbag: The B&B Bubble

'This Monolithic Other That Is Acting in Some Dark Confederacy Against What Is True and Good in the World' (w/Antonio García Martínez)

General Catalyst CEO Hemant Taneja Tells LPs: 'The Truth Is, the Venture Business (As a Whole) Has Not Risen to the Occasion'

The Musk Bubble in Tech Is Going to Pop (w/Alex Stamos)

VCs Weigh OpenAI Tender Offer As Microsoft Investment Talks Remain Ongoing

Send in Your Burning Questions!

Hollywood As Told By the Former NBC Entertainment Chairman (w/Paul Telegdy)

Taking Kid Gloves to All-In: My Reflections on Silicon Valley's Iconic Podcast

Going All-In on the Tech/Media War (w/Jason Calacanis)

Andreessen Horowitz Conquered Venture Capital Without Breaking a Sweat. Gobbling Up the Rest of the World Won’t Be So Easy

Taylor Swift Tickets, FTX & Twitter

Newcomer Mailbag: Top Investors, Markdowns & How I Get My Scoops

SBF in Shambles (w/Teddy Schleifer)

A Dot-Com Level Unwinding?

Sequoia's Bad Year Just Got Much Worse As Its $210 Million Stake in FTX Looks Worthless

The End of Quiet Quitting (w/Aki Ito)

EXCLUSIVE: Read Sam Bankman-Fried's Email to the Investors He's Ghosting

These People Bought Tickets Before the World Was Ending

Blue Checks & Semi-Fascism (w/Tim Miller)

✉️ Submit Your Questions for the First Newcomer Mailbag

Vinod Khosla Isn't Quiet Quitting

Newcomer's Greatest Hits: The Story of the GitLab Cap Table

Newcomer's Greatest Hits: Above the Crowd

Roko's Basilisk (w/Nathan Benaich)

🎉 Two Years of Newcomer! 🎉

Generative AI Startups Are Burning White Hot

VC Twitter Ghostwriters (w/Logan Bartlett)

High Valuations for Early Stage Deals Are Least for Artificial Intelligence Startups

Cult of the Dead Cat (w/Joseph Menn)

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Tiger Global Pitches Investors on Private Fund as Freshly Departed Partner Hangs His Shingle

I’d Jump on a Grande for You (w/Erin Griffith)

Kleiner Perkins Is Back With Mamoon Hamid Carrying It On His Shoulders

Take a Scooter to Your Local Court House

Scooter Executives Head for the Exits as Once Ambitious Technology Companies Falter

Dream of Semafornication (w/Reed Albergotti)

What Would Steve Do? (w/Kara Swisher)

Founder's Choice VC Rankings Revealed

An Ode to Code: A Dispatch from Kara Swisher's Last Code Conference

Like, Comment, Subscribe (w/Mark Bergen)

Extremely Online (w/ Taylor Lorenz)

What Will September Bring?

Hiring: Chief of Staff for Newcomer

Dogfood Your Ideals (w/Ellen Huet)

Unreal BeReals

Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?

Venture Funds Out of the Darkness

Do You Trust Amazon With Your Medical Records?

Exclusive Secondary Market Data, General Atlantic Slides, Structured Equity, and Other Happenings

Freeloaders, Fat cats & Ne'er-do-wells (w/Alex Heath)

Carried Interest, Canva Markdown, Paradigm's LP Update, Controversial Stock Sales, Miami, and More

Travis Kalanick's Right-Hand Man Tells the Story of the Coup that Brought Them Down (w/Emil Michael)

The Start of a Tech Winter?

This Episode Wasn't Sponsored By Techmeme

Coatue's View of the Market, Or Why Catching a Falling Knife Is Dangerous

Folk Songs & Stock Charts: Coatue Is Ascendant After Besting Hedge Fund Rivals in the Downturn

SBF Plays Crypto Savior (w/Teddy Schleifer & Jeff John Roberts)

A Long Drag on a Mango Juul Pod (w/ Lauren Etter)

Nothing More Than a Magic Trick (w/Gary Marcus)

Sequoia Is Down Bad

Inside ICONIQ Capital: How the Rich Got Richer

Coming to You From a Soon To Be Chesa-Free San Francisco (w/Jonathan Weber)

Sheryl Sandberg Leans Out (w/Deepa Seetharaman)

Cheerfully Noshing on Sushi at Silicon Valley Bank While The Tech World Is Supposed To Be Crumbling

State of Substack (w/Casey Newton)

Where Do We Go From Here?

How Tech is Defending the Right to an Abortion (w/Kiki Freedman)

Good Times in The Great Revaluation

The Rug Pull Really Tied the Room Together

Tiger Global & SoftBank Bet the Farm

We Saw This Movie. Everybody Died at the End (w/Rick Heitzmann)

The Endgame

Adderall on Demand (w/Rolfe Winkler)

Why Are Reporters So Opposed to "Free Speech"?

Streaming in Crisis (w/Lucas Shaw)

Dreamers and Haters, Rejoice!

Rooting for Elon

Inside 3 Crypto Funds' Investor Decks

Imploding Fast (w/Kate Clark)

The Fictionalized Viral Uber Driver

SCOOP: Crypto Fund Paradigm's Assets Under Management Climb 343% to $13.2 Billion

SPACs, Layoffs, Solo Capitalists & SoftBank

I just gave $1,000 directly to a Ukrainian family. Here's how you can too.

Going Evergreen (w/Hunter Walk)

VC Jeopardy!

The VC Directory

Brands Are Not Human Beings (w/Jack Conte)

Keeping Tabs on the Oligarchs (w/Teddy Schleifer)

SCOOP: Insight Leading Abnormal Security Funding Round at $4 Billion

Newcomer x Volley @ SXSW

A Content Farming Retrospective (w/Shawn Colo)

Ali Partovi Wants to Beat the Old YC

Taking Stock of Tech Amidst a Geopolitical Crisis

Super Pumped (w/Mike Isaac)

Elad Gil Wants You To Live Longer

Razzlekhan and Wordcels

Meta Commentary (w/Alex Heath)

Wordcels, the Mafia, Bored Apes, and Other Technology Happenings

The Dead Cat Experience

Bobby Kotick's Call of Duty (w/Kirsten Grind)

Here's What Investors Think the Treacherous Public Markets Mean for Private Startups

General Catalyst's Secret CEO

Across the Pond (w/Ophelia Brown)

No One Wants to Spend Any Amount of Time With a Plastic Thing Strapped to Their Face (w/Phil Libin)

What Insiders Think About YC's New Deal Terms

Emperor Zuck (w/Deepa Seetharaman)

SOURCES: OpenSea Eyes $13 Billion Valuation