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A Long Drag on a Mango Juul Pod (w/ Lauren Etter)

Nothing More Than a Magic Trick (w/Gary Marcus)

Sequoia Is Down Bad

Inside ICONIQ Capital: How the Rich Got Richer

Coming to You From a Soon To Be Chesa-Free San Francisco (w/Jonathan Weber)

Sheryl Sandberg Leans Out w/Deepa Seetharaman)

Cheerfully Noshing on Sushi at Silicon Valley Bank While The Tech World Is Supposed To Be Crumbling

State of Substack (w/Casey Newton)

Where Do We Go From Here?

How Tech is Defending the Right to an Abortion (w/Kiki Freedman)

Good Times in The Great Revaluation

The Rug Pull Really Tied the Room Together

Tiger Global & SoftBank Bet the Farm

We Saw This Movie. Everybody Died at the End (w/Rick Heitzmann)

The Endgame

Adderall on Demand (w/Rolfe Winkler)

Why Are Reporters So Opposed to "Free Speech"?

Streaming in Crisis (w/Lucas Shaw)

Dreamers and Haters, Rejoice!

Rooting for Elon

Inside 3 Crypto Funds' Investor Decks

Imploding Fast (w/Kate Clark)

The Fictionalized Viral Uber Driver

SCOOP: Crypto Fund Paradigm's Assets Under Management Climb 343% to $13.2 Billion

SPACs, Layoffs, Solo Capitalists & SoftBank

I just gave $1,000 directly to a Ukrainian family. Here's how you can too.

Going Evergreen (w/Hunter Walk)

VC Jeopardy!

The VC Directory

Brands Are Not Human Beings (w/Jack Conte)

Keeping Tabs on the Oligarchs (w/Teddy Schleifer)

SCOOP: Insight Leading Abnormal Security Funding Round at $4 Billion

Newcomer x Volley @ SXSW

A Content Farming Retrospective (w/Shawn Colo)

Ali Partovi Wants to Beat the Old YC

Taking Stock of Tech Amidst a Geopolitical Crisis

Super Pumped (w/Mike Isaac)

Elad Gil Wants You To Live Longer

Razzlekhan and Wordcels

Meta Commentary (w/Alex Heath)

Wordcels, the Mafia, Bored Apes, and Other Technology Happenings

The Dead Cat Experience

Bobby Kotick's Call of Duty (w/Kirsten Grind)

Here's What Investors Think the Treacherous Public Markets Mean for Private Startups

General Catalyst's Secret CEO

Across the Pond (w/Ophelia Brown)

No One Wants to Spend Any Amount of Time With a Plastic Thing Strapped to Their Face (w/Phil Libin)

What Insiders Think About YC's New Deal Terms

Emperor Zuck (w/Deepa Seetharaman)

SOURCES: OpenSea Eyes $13 Billion Valuation