Jan 18, 2022 • 43M

Across the Pond (w/Ophelia Brown)

We talk to Blossom Capital founder Ophelia Brown after her firm raises $432 million

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Eric Newcomer
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Ophelia Brown's CryptoPunk 985

Ophelia Brown’s Blossom Capital announced Tuesday that it has raised $432 million for its third venture fund. (I told paying subscribers back in April 2021 to watch out for Blossom’s next fund.)

The European Series A firm is taking a big leap from its $85 million first fund in 2019 and its $185 million second fund in 2020.

Tom Dotan and I talk with Brown about her crypto investing — including Blossom’s recent investment in juggernaut MoonPay, which raised a $555 million Series A at $3.4 billion.

Brown tells us that she’s buying NFTs with her venture capital fund. She appears to have purchased CryptoPunk #985 on Christmas Eve for about $400,000 (98 ETH). Now, with the falling price of Ethereum, it’s worth a little over $300,000, according to Etherscan.

MoonPay isn’t the only Series A in name only that Blossom has participated in. The firm invested in Checkout.com’s $230 million Series A round that valued the company at about $2 billion. Thankfully for Blossom’s limited partners, Checkout.com just raised at a $40 billion valuation.

We also talk about Brown’s early investment, with Jan Hammer, in Robinhood back when she worked at Index.

And Brown tells us why she doesn’t like her friends to know her current whereabouts.