Cerebral Valley panelists debate the letter calling for a 'pause' in AI development. Watch Miles Grimshaw interview Adam D'Angelo & Harrison Chase
We're kicking off our conference with Volley in Hayes Valley tomorrow. Our panelists have been making headlines. Also, fill out our AI survey.
Venture Capital Gravitational Physics (with Ravi Mhatre)Listen now (43 min) | The Lightspeed co-founder takes stock of the venture capital industry after SVB's implosion.
Substack is raising $2 million from writers and paid subscribers.
OpenAI machinations, GPT-4 evaluations, cram-downs, and Deel speed.
Peering Over the Edge of Death (with Jon McNeill)Escucha ahora (54 min) | I talked to Jon McNeill about when Tesla came close to bankruptcy, the investment firm he co-founded, and his experience…
A Wall Street Veteran & Investor Explains Silicon Valley Bank's Unraveling (with Laurence Tosi)Listen now (62 min) | Former Blackstone & Airbnb CFO says we're in for a "hard landing" this year.
It's a sad day for Silicon Valley and erodes a core startup lender.
The Silicon Valley Bank Run: Day 2
Fears of a bank run at Silicon Valley Bank were rampant Thursday
Hype shift: artificial intelligence replaces Bitcoin in search interest
Thrive Capital, General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz, and Founders Fund are participating in the round along with Goldman Sachs private wealth clients.