Eric Newcomer interviewing Ali Ghodsi and Naveen Rao, both from Databricks, at the Cerebral Valley AI Summit on November 15, 2023

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Eric Newcomer interviewing Vinod Khosla at the Cerebral Valley AI Summit on November 15, 2023.

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Who is Newcomer?

Eric Newcomer

Founder / Lead Writer

Eric Newcomer founded and runs Newcomer, the startups and venture capital media and events company. 

Having written about Silicon Valley for over a decade, Eric has established himself as a go-to voice for understanding what’s going on in Silicon Valley. He’s broken news on Uber, Databricks, Stripe, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, and many more top tech companies and venture capital firms. 

Eric quit his job as a reporter at Bloomberg in 2020 to start Newcomer. He covered startups and venture capital for Bloomberg for six years. Before that, he earned his stripes as a tech reporter as the first employee at tech news site The Information.

Today, he’s building Newcomer into a full-fledged media and events business with two full-time employees and several high-profile insider events a year. He’s the host of the Cerebral Valley AI Summit and the Newcomer Banking Summit. 

He grew up in Macon, GA, and graduated from Harvard in 2012 with a degree in philosophy. Today, he lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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Madeline Renbarger


Madeline is Newcomer’s first reporter hire, covering the business of startups and venture capital.  Before that, she covered early-stage startup and VC news at Business Insider with a focus on the culture inside startups, accelerator programs, and VC careers. She earned her master’s in journalism from Columbia University in 2021 and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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Riley Konsella

Business Lead

Riley joined Newcomer in 2022 and leads business initiatives and events. He graduated from Union College in 2017, and currently lives in Jackson, WY. 

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I write the newsletter Newcomer. I spent six years at Bloomberg reporting on the technology industry. Before that I was the first employee at The Information.
Chief of Staff for Eric Newcomer
Reporting on VC and startups