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Who is Newcomer?

My name is Eric Newcomer, and I run the Newcomer media company.

I wrote about the technology industry for Bloomberg for six years. I covered the ins-and-outs of the startup world for much of that time, breaking news on IPOs, fundraising rounds, and M&A. I published the video of Travis Kalanick arguing with his Uber driver and co-wrote the Businessweek cover story on Kalanick’s fall.

Before that, I was the first employee at tech news site The Information. I grew up in Macon, Ga. and graduated from Harvard in 2012. Today, I live in Brooklyn.

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Where technology and venture capital intersect: A deeply reported newsletter on the inner workings of the startup industry. Helmed by Eric Newcomer with writing from Madeline Renbarger.


Eric Newcomer 

I write the newsletter Newcomer. I spent six years at Bloomberg reporting on the technology industry. Before that I was the first employee at The Information.

Riley Konsella 

Chief of Staff for Eric Newcomer

Madeline Renbarger 

Reporting on VC and startups