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VC Twitter Ghostwriters (w/Logan Bartlett)

Redpoint's Logan Bartlett defends the integrity of his tweets on Dead Cat.

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A podcast about Silicon Valley, hosted by newsletter writer Eric Newcomer and Tom Dotan, with Katie Benner as a regular special guest.
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Insider’s anonymous first-person account of a ghostwriter for venture capitalists’ tweets captivated tech Twitter last week. Everyone wanted to know who exactly was paying $100,000 for a tweetstorm.

How could anyone make $200,000 writing thought leadership. Why would anyone pay for that?

So on this week’s episode of Dead Cat, we talked with Redpoint Ventures managing director Logan Bartlett who is a bit of a VC Twitter expert. Last November, I wrote about his analysis of VC media output in a piece called A Twitter Troll’s Take on the Future of Investing.

A Twitter Troll's Take on the Future of Investing
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Since then, Redpoint hired a TikTok creator to help bolster the firm’s brand and Bartlett launched a podcast called Cartoon Avatars.

On this week’s episode of Dead Cat, Bartlett insists he’s writing his own tweets, but he explains why VCs are so interested in building a Twitter following. Also Bartlett cast doubt on whether there’s a real market for people ghostwriting tweets for VCs.

Later in the episode, we spitballed a ranking of some of the most important accounts on VC Twitter.

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