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What Would Steve Do? (w/Kara Swisher)

What Would Steve Do? (w/Kara Swisher)

On Dead Cat, we get the download on Kara Swisher's final Code Conference
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I’ve already said my piece about Kara Swisher’s epic final Code Conference.

An Ode to Code: A Dispatch from Kara Swisher's Last Code Conference
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Now you can hear directly from Swisher about what she thought. On this week’s Dead Cat podcast, Tom Dotan and I catch up with Swisher fresh off her final Code Conference.

Together, we puzzle over Amazon chief Andy Jassy’s deference to his old boss and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai’s tough time denying that he wanted to buy Pinterest. We talked about Bob Iger’s charm and Swisher’s affection for Mark Cuban.

We dug into Swisher’s interview strategy.

We asked her whether her media publication Recode has been a success. Were they aggressive enough ahead of #MeToo? And what’s next for Swisher? Will Pivot replace Code?

And we quiz Swisher on some of her favorite Code interviews. Why did she tell Mark Zuckerberg to take off his sweatshirt? How did Steve Jobs keep Bill Gates on his toes?

Then we end the episode with a discussion of her final Code main stage panel — Tim Cook, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Jony Ive.

Give it a listen.

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