Sitemap - 2021 - Newcomer

Defogging Our 2021 Amnesia

Giving Hollywood the Business (w/Richard Rushfield)

Weekend Reading

Elizabeth Holmes' Moveable Feast (with Erin Griffith)

Y Combinator = Growth

Dipping into Miami

A Few Days in Miami and Some Links

The Tech Hiring Market

The Media's Facebook Deflection (w/Alex Stamos)

Raising More With Less

Tech Workers of the World Unite. Or Don't.

Gather in the Metaverse

100 Percent Ethereum (w/ Daniel Liss)

A Horseman of the Apocalypse

A Twitter Troll's Take on the Future of Investing

Fine-tuning of the Metaverse

Flying Cars, Utopias & the Metaverse

Looking Back on Newcomer's First Year

Silicon Valley's Neighborhood Sauron

The Contradictarian (w/ Max Chafkin)

SCOOPS: Benchling, Workato & Tegus Raising Funding Rounds

The Story of a Cap Table: GitLab

Blood Sport (w/ Erin Griffith)

What's Old Is New Again

That's What the Money's For!

Royal Courts of Billionaires

Look on my Monthly Uniques, ye Mighty, and despair! (w/ Ben Smith)

SCOOP: Kleiner's Ted Schlein Starts Cybersecurity VC Firm With FireEye CEO

Three Down

The Facebook Philes

Odds and Ends

Why Kirsten Green Might Not Invest in the Next Warby Parker

If It Bleeds, It Leads

When Will a16z Become a Public Market Investor?

🎙️ Interview with Liz Jarvis-Shean

Episode 3: Liz Jarvis-Shean

Weekend Reading

Episode 2: Christina Cacioppo

SOURCES: GoodLeap Raising at $12 Billion

A New Podcast: Dead Cat

Episode 1: Interview with Parker Conrad

Bloodthirsty Capitalists

SOURCES: Databricks Eyes $35 Billion+ Valuation

SOURCES: Discord Raising at Roughly $15 Billion

Rational Irrationality

SOURCE: Third Point Bails on BlockFi

The Anti-Portfolio

Solo VC Invests With a Team Now Too

The Fight Over Video Commerce

Is Palantir Buying Revenue?

Robinhood, BuzzFeed & Didi

Looking Back on the Week

How to Get HBCUs on Your Cap Table

Andreessen Horowitz and the 'Future' of Media

SCOOP: Figma Raising at $9 Billion Valuation

Odds and Ends

The Quiet Backlash to the Backlash

SCOOP: a16z, Accel Back French Founder's Photo Sharing App BeReal

SCOOP: Benchmark Nabs Series A in Hot App Poparazzi

a16z Crypto Fund Balloons to $2 Billion

SOURCES: Sorare Raising at $3.7 Billion Valuation

SOURCES: Faire Raising at $7 Billion Valuation

A Conversation With Tony Xu

Ignored, Obscure, Obscure, Obscure

Jeff Blackburn Leaving Bessemer VC Job After 5 Weeks

Is SoftBank the New SoftBank?

Europe's Blossom

Here's your link to Sidechannel

Transatlantic Coopetition

The Golden Ticket

Forget Miami. Try Bucharest.

No One In Charge of the World

Builders Building Builders

The Uber Directory

The Guy Who Bought Uber's Self-Driving Cars

🔎 Bessemer's Big Exit, Clubhouse, and 'The Curse of Bigness' Nabs Ex-Uber Exec

What I Got Wrong About Coinbase

SOURCES: Komodo Health Raising at Over $3 Billion Valuation

Weekend reading

Meet a VC: NEA's Liza Landsman

'It Is Fucking Madness': The SaaS Market

A Chat with Dara Khosrowshahi

Above the Crowd

The Paywall Is Here

SOURCES: Databricks Raising at $27 Billion

The Story of a Cap Table: Affirm

The Unauthorized Story of Andreessen Horowitz

Founders Fund Duo Outmatched by SF District Attorney on Clubhouse

A Conversation With Ellen Pao

Silicon Valley's Partisan Problem