SOURCES: Databricks Raising at $27 Billion

The Andreessen Horowitz and NEA-backed company is raising a private round.

Databricks — a data and AI platform — is in talks to raise a private funding round that could value the company at about $27 billion.

It seems like the private deal is being done by buyside public investors, though I don’t know who is winning out, if it’s been decided, or how much they’re investing.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Databricks recently. For one, it has a similar investor story to Snowflake, and we saw the appetite on the public stock market for that company. Investors seem to want exposure to horizontal cloud computing companies outside of big tech. I’ve also been deep in the world of Andreessen Horowitz and this is an extremely important company for the portfolio. Andreessen Horowitz led Series A, D, and E rounds, according to Pitchbook. NEA led the Series B and C.

A spokesperson for Databricks declined to comment.

Mostly I care because it’s a huge frothy-sounding number that no one has reported so far.

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