Dec 29, 2021 • 1HR 2M

Defogging Our 2021 Amnesia

Clubhouse, billionaires rebranding & Slack-based drama vie to be the story of 2021

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Eric Newcomer
Ahead of the 2nd Cerebral Valley AI Summit on Nov. 15, hosts Eric Newcomer, Max Child, and James Wilsterman bring you a six-part podcast series on the rise of generative artificial intelligence.
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Katie Benner, Tom Dotan, and Eric Newcomer look back on 2021 in Techmeme headlines for our final episode of Dead Cat for the year.

We discuss some of the biggest stories of the year:

Finally, Tom, Katie, and Eric offer some predictions for what 2022 holds, though no one seems quite sure after this strange year.


My favorite tech headline aggregator, tweet tracker, and conversation setter — Techmeme — has been generously featuring me on their home page as part of a round-up of interesting tech newsletters. So I wanted to return the favor.

I check Techmeme literally every couple of hours and rely on it to do my job. And in a genuine coincidence, Techmeme served as an easy-to-navigate archive for this week’s podcast.

It’s a free news aggregator for tech industry folks that’s updated constantly to show the most important tech stories of the moment and the commentary surrounding those stories. They also publish a daily newsletter with stories from the past day, which is useful if you forget to visit the site.

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