How to Expense Newcomer

If you work in venture capital, at a startup, or in another relevant industry, you should subscribe to Newcomer to keep up with important news and analysis that will give you an edge at your job.

Many of our readers already do!

If you haven’t expensed a newsletter subscription before, you can reach out to your manager and ask. Here’s an email template to get you started:

Hi [name of manager],

I’d like to expense a subscription to Newcomer. It’s an independent newsletter about startups and venture capital, and it would help me make better decisions at work by staying informed on the industry.

As a subscriber, I’d get in-depth coverage of the latest stories inside Silicon Valley. Some top stories include interviews with Vinod Khosla and Bill Gurley, exclusive leaked slide decks from Tiger and Coatue, and breakdowns of investment trends within industries like Generative AI and AR/VR.

It costs $199/year ($19/month) and will help keep our team in the know about these Silicon Valley characters, important data and metrics and exclusive events. I’m confident this will be an expense that is more than recouped. 


[Your name]

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