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A podcast about Silicon Valley, hosted by newsletter writer and independent journalist Eric Newcomer. Listen in for interviews with the dealmakers and builders who matter. Subscribe to for summaries of the episodes plus tech industry news, scoops, and analysis.

Venture Capital Gravitational Physics (with Ravi Mhatre)Listen now (43 min) | The Lightspeed co-founder takes stock of the venture capital industry after SVB's implosion.
Peering Over the Edge of Death (with Jon McNeill)Escucha ahora (54 min) | I talked to Jon McNeill about when Tesla came close to bankruptcy, the investment firm he co-founded, and his experience…
A Wall Street Veteran & Investor Explains Silicon Valley Bank's Unraveling (with Laurence Tosi)Listen now (62 min) | Former Blackstone & Airbnb CFO says we're in for a "hard landing" this year.
This Kicked Off With a Dinner With Elon Musk Years Ago (with Reid Hoffman)Listen now (57 min) | The LinkedIn co-founder talks OpenAI, Microsoft, Peter Thiel & Joe Biden.
Newcomer, the PodcastListen now (2 min) | Plus, we're announcing two new speakers at Cerebral Valley.
A New Dimension (w/Nan Li, Adam Goulburn, and Zavain Dar)Listen now (52 min) | On Dead Cat, I talk with the founders of the new life sciences VC firm Dimension
Another Shoe to Drop (w/Jeremy Levine)Listen now (72 min) | Bessemer's Jeremy Levine traces the rise and fall of private tech valuations, explains why down rounds are so painful, and games…
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