Dead Cat

A podcast about Silicon Valley, hosted by newsletter writer Eric Newcomer and Tom Dotan, with Katie Benner as a regular special guest.

Dream of Semafornication (w/Reed Albergotti)Listen now (70 min) | We talk Biden's China executive orders & Patagonia's do-gooder dark money
What Would Steve Do? (w/Kara Swisher)Listen now (67 min) | On Dead Cat, we get the download on Kara Swisher's final Code Conference
Like, Comment, Subscribe (w/Mark Bergen)Listen now (62 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk about the rise of YouTube with author Mark Bergen
Extremely Online (w/ Taylor Lorenz)Listen now (62 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk with the iconic internet culture reporter about "nimcels," podcasting, and her various feuds.
Dogfood Your Ideals (w/Ellen Huet)Listen now (63 min) | Ellen Huet, Bloomberg's expert on WeWork, joins Dead Cat
Unreal BeReals Listen now (52 min) | On Dead Cat, we discuss Dimes Square, TikTok, BeReal & the state of social media
Do You Trust Amazon With Your Medical Records?Listen now (53 min) | We wrestle with Amazon's plan to buy One Medical for nearly $4 billion
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