A New Dimension (w/Nan Li, Adam Goulburn, and Zavain Dar)Listen now (52 min) | On Dead Cat, I talk with the founders of the new life sciences VC firm Dimension

January 2023

Another Shoe to Drop (w/Jeremy Levine)Listen now (72 min) | Bessemer's Jeremy Levine traces the rise and fall of private tech valuations, explains why down rounds are so painful, and games…
'I Fell in Love With an Algorithm' (w/Cristóbal Valenzuela & Alexis Gay)Listen now (56 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk about the rise of generative artificial intelligence with Runway CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela. Non-Technical…
Business Tea, the Creator Economy Downturn, Twitter Drama & TikTok's Chinese Influence (w/Taylor Lorenz)Listen now (60 min) | On Dead Cat, reporter Taylor Lorenz and I take stock of crypto Twitter tea accounts, the troubled creator economy, and TikTok…
All Eyes Are on Apple's Augmented Reality Device As the Hunt for a Revolutionary Consumer Startup Continues (w/Max Child & James Wilsterman)Listen now (75 min) | On Dead Cat, I talk with voice game startup Volley's co-founders about the death of consumer investing and about promising…

December 2022

Does That Mean the Cat's Dead?Listen now (74 min) | The end of an era: We say goodbye to a host and look back at the year that was.
'This Monolithic Other That Is Acting in Some Dark Confederacy Against What Is True and Good in the World' (w/Antonio García Martínez)Listen now (77 min) |
The Musk Bubble in Tech Is Going to Pop (w/Alex Stamos)Listen now (72 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk with the former Facebook chief security officer and social media expert Alex Stamos.
Hollywood As Told By the Former NBC Entertainment Chairman (w/Paul Telegdy)Listen now (71 min) | On Dead Cat, Bob Iger's return, Trump's Apprentice years, and getting cancelled.

November 2022

Going All-In on the Tech/Media War (w/Jason Calacanis)Listen now (60 min) | On Dead Cat, a conversation with All-In's moderator and co-host
Taylor Swift Tickets, FTX & TwitterListen now (57 min) | On Dead Cat, the latest on the FTX scandal and Elon Musk's Twitter
SBF in Shambles (w/Teddy Schleifer)Listen now (54 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk with our favorite Puck reporter about FTX's implosion