A Long Drag on a Mango Juul Pod (w/ Lauren Etter)Listen now (54 min) | On Dead Cat, we talk about Collision and the FDA's crackdown on Juul
Nothing More Than a Magic Trick (w/Gary Marcus)Listen now (65 min) | On Dead Cat, we discuss Google's artificial intelligence, LaMDA, with a critic of the current approach to generalized artificial…
Sequoia Capital still maintains massive public positions in Unity and DoorDash whose stocks have plummeted 80% and 75% respectively from their all-time…
Secret documents reveal how ICONIQ Capital accumulated $83.5 billion in the bull run and raised $6 billion as the world came undone.
Coming to You From a Soon To Be Chesa-Free San Francisco (w/Jonathan Weber)Listen now (53 min) | Notes from my reporting trip in San Francisco and a conversation with San Francisco Standard editor Jonathan Weber
Sheryl Sandberg Leans Out w/Deepa Seetharaman)Listen now (50 min) | We talk to the Wall Street Journal reporter about Sandberg's planned exit from Meta
Is this really what the tech apocalypse looks like?
State of Substack (w/Casey Newton)Listen now (54 min) | The Dead Cat podcast goes meta as we talk about Substack and the media.
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